Episode 26: Krazy Kit Kat

Episode 26: Krazy Kit Kat

Kit Kat Korner

we tried the cheesecake and kobe pudding kit kats. They were delicious! The cheesecake tasted mostly like white chocolate, but the kobe pudding was different and yummy!

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (enabling)

Tiffany’s new diamonds;

Aryn’s new diamonds;

Diamonds in the Rough (wips)

Tiffany’s rough diamonds;

Aryn’s rough diamonds;

Diamonds are Forever (FOs)

Tiffany’s diamond from the past; 

198 yards of heaven

Aryn’s diamond from the past; 

Diamond Cutting (spinning)

Aryn finished spinning her flutter sample and got 180 yards/25g of a fine weight yarn to make Beads in the Wheel Necklace

more fiber from Totally Inked Yarn! 8oz of BFL

Thank You for watching and we will see you next episode!!!