Episode 23: Yarn Crawling


Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (enabling)

We went on a mini yarn crawl! We will be participating in the Lakeside Yarn Crawl over the summer and we visited the first three shops.

The Purple SockPurl3True North Yarn Co

Damage was done!!

Tiffany’s new diamonds;

Aryn’s new diamonds;

Diamonds In The Rough (wips)

Tiffany’s rough diamonds;

Aryn’s rough diamonds;

Diamonds Are Forever (FOs)

Tiffany’s finished diamonds; 
Lightening Dragon

Aryn’s finished diamonds;

Expand Yo Skillz PAL

Tiffany finished her dragon scarf!!! and it is awesome!

Aryn made a bit more progress on her Remember cowl - the chart has been started and she made her first double knit bobble!

Diamond Cutting (spinning)

Aryn finished plying the yak and silk blend from One Lupine
The Yarnshine rolags are still on the wheel. 
New stuff! Aryn received her last shipment in the Skein fiber club - Wonderment

Tour de Fleece is coming!!! There will be a thread in the Bling Your String group to participate and possibly win a prize or two.


Fat Cat Knits has started a new club round! The theme is undersea life and there are a ton of options to choose from.

A Cut Above the Rest

Tink Yarn is offering a coupon code till July 31, 2016 you will find the details in the episode

Thank You for watching and we will see you next episode!!!