Episode 50 Part 2: Ultimate Wool Piggery

This is the second half of our 50th episode - so much enabling!!!

Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend (enabling)

First we talk about our trip to the first annual Prince Edward County Fibre Fest. It was a lovely show! You can find the info for next year here.

We both purchased from;

Shop Mentions

If you’re looking for a Canadian yarn shipment box check out Muskoka Yarn Box!!

Dragon Strings

Riverside Studio

Rosehaven Yarn Shop

J Hendry Design Co

Next we talk about the Lakeside Yarn Crawl which runs from June 3rd until September 4th. You can find a bit of information here on The Purple Sock’s blog.

So far we visited;


Tiffany received a package from Desert Vista Dyeworks

…and her second shipment from the Strickmich Club

…and some retail therapy from The Yarn Tree UK

Aryn opened two mystery boxes from Rosie’s Moments

Thank you for watching and happy knitting! 
Please go check out some of these shops!