Episode 18: Surprises!!!

EPISODE 18: Surprises!!!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

- Nice & Knit

Knitter's Pride Karbonz

- West Yorkshire Spinners

- Gleener

- Stainless Steel Sock Blockers Bryspun

Diamonds in the ruff

Lightening Dragon knitted by Tiffany. This pattern is by Tania Richter and can be found here. The yarn is by Brew City Yarns.

Exploration Station knitted by Aryn. The pattern is by Stephen West and you can find it here. Yarn used Bling Your StringHoliday YarnsPhydeaux Yarn and Zen Yarn Garden 

Hello Kitty Sweater using Knitty and Color The pattern is by Terri Kruse and can be found here

- Husband Socks Lang Yarns Jawoll Color

Diamond Cutting

- Aryn spinning Nunoco samples on Little Gem wheel by Majacraft

Diamonds's are forever

Cabled Rainbow knitted by Aryn. Yarn used White Birch Fiber Arts

Rainbow Cowlette knitted by Aryn. Yarn used beaded rainbow hanspun. This pattern is by Evelina Roos and you can find it here.

- Aryn improve'd her skillz with the Brioche Cowl by Purl Soho using Vintage Purls Lace yarn (which she four plied on her wheel) and an unknown worsted wool from a swap

Expand Yo Skillz

- Tiffany is going to expand her skillz and double knit the Four Elements Dragon Scarf by Tania   Richter using Brew City Yarn I was using a Yarn Guide.

- Tiffany is going to expand her skillz with a top down cardigan, Contiguous method and buttons in Warm Sheep by Jenny F using Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica

- Aryn is going to expand her skillz and double knit the Remember Cowl by Nathan Taylor using ON Line Supersocke 100 Vintage and Seven Sister Arts Meridian

A soon to be gem

- Aryn is going to do a mystery stuffy using Miss Babs Yowza in Berlin with off white worsted

- Tiffany is going to do a pop culture stuffy using Knitca yarn and off white worsted

- Aryn is going to knit Tiffany's birthday socks with MollyGirl Diva in Farirytale

A cut above the rest

Tink Yarn is offering a coupon code till July 31, 2016 you will find the details in Episode 18

Podcasts we watch and mentions will have links in Ravelry group

- Sticks + Twine

- TV Knitting Mistress

- Dye Another Day

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Thank you for watching and we will see you next episode!!!

Happy Knitting!!!