Episode 46: Socks Socks Socks

Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend (enabling)

Tiffany’s new diamonds;

Tiffany was travelling again and visited two great stores! At Second Story Knits she bought a skein by Long Dog Yarns, and at Do Ewe Knit she bought skeins by Yarn Pimp (the Do Ewe Knit in house brand), Primrose Yarn Co and Spun Right Round
Tiffany also won a skein from Colorful Eclectic Yarns

Aryn’s new diamonds;

Aryn got two new mystery boxes from Rosie’s Moments on Etsy

Diamonds in the Rough (wips)

Tiffany’s rough diamonds;

Aryn’s rough diamonds;

Diamonds are Forever (FOs)

Tiffany’s forever diamond;

Aryn’s forever diamonds;


Thank You for watching and we will see you next episode!!!