Episode 42: Dilema's

Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend (enabling)

Tiffany’s new diamonds;

Aryn’s new diamonds;

Diamonds in the Rough (wips)

Tiffany’s rough diamonds;

Aryn’s rough diamonds;

Diamonds are Forever (FOs)

Tiffany’s forever diamonds;

Aryn’s forever diamonds;

Soon to be Gems (upcoming cast ons)

Aryn will be casting on the Bitty Blossom Cardigan as part of the Child for All Seasons KAL

Diamond Cutting (Spinning)

Aryn is working on a 3-ply sock weight yarn out of Dorset to make socks for her Cousin.

You can find the yarn control card from The Electric Carnation on Etsy here


Thank You for watching and we will see you next episode!!!