Episode 40: Come Stripe with us!!

Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend (enabling)

Tiffany’s new diamond;

Aryn’s new diamonds;

Diamonds in the Rough (wips)

Tiffany’s rough diamonds;

Aryn’s rough diamonds;

KAL update

Come join us in working up your self striping sock yarns! 
You can find the KAL here.

Diamonds are Forever (FOs)

Tiffany’s forever diamond;

Aryn’s forever diamond;

Diamond Cutting (spinning)

Aryn is currently working through 6oz of Freestyle from Fat Cat Knits


Shop Becky Zee on Etsy

the pom pom I used for Avery’s Frost hat can be found at Acme Fibres

Child For All Seasons MKAL

Find Your Fade KAL

The winner for our Get Your Grinch on KAL was announced! If you participated be sure to check out if you won.

Thank You for watching and we will see you next episode!!!