Knitting at Tiffany’s with added Bling is a video podcast. Tiffany and Aryn talk about knitting, promote Indie Dyer’s, Designer’s, Knitting Accessories and the talented people who create them and sometimes a bit of spinning.

About Tiffany: I live in the suburbs outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work full time as a sales account manager on the east coast of Canada and the north east cost of United States.

I love to knit with pretty indie dyer yarns and use cute stitch markers and amazing knitting bags.

About Aryn: I live just north outside Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have my own business Bling your String. I make beautiful bags of all sizes for your knitting projects, stitch markers. and project keepers.  I offer custom bag clubs with goodies and options for yarn and/or sock blanks.